Make your Sound Board Last!

Almost all these boards use cheap capacitors that will run way too hot without some extra cooling.  Your board has a high chance of going bad early without one of these fans!  This is the most important thing on this list!

Expand Your Stereo Channels!

Want more Stereo Inputs for your mixer!  This is a great way to go!

The Best Way to Get All Console Audio Working!

This Matrix will let you hook up gaming consoles to your capture card and tv/monitor and extract the audio to your soundboard!

You will need HDMI cables if you get a matrix!

Hook up all the things! 
Consoles Monitors, Capture Cards!

Easily Get Audio From Any Headphone Jack!!!

Make sure you always use a ground loop isolator, linked below!

You will need at least one of these for the Aux Send from the adapter listed below!

This Adapter is for the AUX Mic Return channel - Make All Games Voice Chat Work!

Without this adapter you will eventually run into issues where your in game mic isn't working. 

Some in game chat systems, like Sea Of Thieves uses the "left" channel for in game chat.  If you hook up a Stereo Cable to the Aux port only the "Right" channel will be sent and no one will hear you in game! 

This is for the AUX Return Mic.

You can connect this between the Aux / Mon Send on the board to clean up your discord and game chat sound!

You will need one PER SOUNDCARD!

I suggest buying 3 or 4 of these!!!


If you are using headphones with a built-in mic,  3 stripes on the connector, you will also need an adapter cable found here! 

Buy at least 4 RCA Cables... Better safe then sorry!

These will connect your soundcards and devices to the Ground Loop Isolators and the soundboard Stereo Channels!

RCA To 1/4" Adapters for your Sound Cards!

This will let you connect each Ugreen Sound Card or any RCA source audio to the Stereo Channels and use the RCA Ground Loop Isolators linked above!

Alternative if out of stock

Keep in mind this card does NOT have stereo input, but that will not be a problem for mic talk back!

Best RCA Sound Card for the Buck!  Get 3!

You don't need expensive sound cards but you do need good sound cards!  These hit the mark!

Best Alternative Sound Card

Make sure you adjust your cables to 1/8" if you do not get the RCA version.

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