Sunny’s Music Backgroud

As a main passion, I (Sunny), have been learning music production my entire life.  Since the moment I got my hands on a tape recorder in the 80’s.  My friends and I would grab keyboards and boomboxes, writing songs and recording them.  

I taught myself to multitrack audio using analog gear I found around the house, and eventually as I grew up I started learning digital audio production in the late 90’s. 

In and out of bands and projects, I have recorded and produced many genres of music.  For a while I had a mobile recording studio setup and recorded bands all over San Diego County. 

Recently I have remixed and remastered some of these older projects under the record label: OldEarth Records

Below you will find my most recent published projects and more will be added as I get through my backlog live on twitch!

Music By TheSunnyMachine

Original Music Written and Recorded by TheSunnyMachine. 

The first Album – LaLoveLi is available now!