Welcome to TheSunnyMachine.com

Original Music, Web Dev, Electronics Modding & Repair, Retro Gaming, Streaming Tech, and K-dramas.

Yes I do all these things... Why?

Cause I like it.


Welcome to TheSunnyMachine.com


Console Modifications & Repair, Streaming Tech, and Retro Gaming.

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Original Music Written and Recorded by TheSunnyMachine. 

The first Album - LaLoveLi will available now! The main themes for this album are Love, Growth, and Healing. 


Music By TheSunnyMachine

StarFox SuperFX2 Chip Rom Hack - It's better! (Super FXpak Pro + Original Hardware + Retrotink5x)

Retro Gaming

Dreamcast RetroTink 5X VGA to Scart Adapater + Different Settings + Mclassic - Soulcalibur Gameplay

Retro Gaming

RetroTink 5x - Dead Or Alive 2 - Dreamcast VGA to Scart - Scanlines + Smoothing

Retro Gaming

gofanco Prophecy Mclassic EDID

Retro Gaming

Retro Gaming Content


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– TheSunnyMachine – Twitch Streaming – Creative Tech and Music Production  My twitch stream content includes micro soldering, console mods and repair, and music production.FixSunIt – Visit My youtube channel dedicated to console mods and repair.I write and produce my own music in both Solo Projects like, LuckySunLight, and group…