I love to explore this universe, consciousness, and creativity.

I believe twitch is changing and that my stream/content may be here a bit too early, but I am still here willing to see who is ready. If you feel out of place normally, maybe this is the right place for you. Chat with us, find out! 🙂

I have an education in video and new media. I build and design motion graphics and web content. I am well educated in many religious world views, doctrines, church history, and have experience running youth groups, musical events, and now streaming. Streaming excites me as a platform for entertainment, education, and community.

I grew up moving around a lot and got bullied as the new kid many times. I try to treat everyone as if they are human, but if you start your chat with something purely negative and I don’t know you, you might not get a good reception. I am not here to make you less bored. I am here to connect with you and care about you, but that doesn’t mean I will allow toxic people into our community 🙂

Thanks for reading this! Don’t forget to follow if you want to join us for future streams! <3