About Sunny

Matthew Austin Unwin – Aka Sunny

BA in Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Technology from CSUSM.


Sunny’s Love For Tech & Repair

When I was very young, I started taking apart anything that was broken just to see how it works.

I grew up with electronic kits where you could build circuits and radios, and tried to fix and repair everything around the house that eventually broke.

As an adult, I have recently gotten back into repair, trying to preserve all my electronics.  I am tired of throwing things out just because they “break” and want to know how to fix things, if possible.

I have a large collection of retro consoles that I have all upgraded to display the best analog signals possible and running games from digital storage.

You can catch me streaming tech repairs and upgrades. 


Other Projects

Unwin Productions

Unwin Productions - New Media Production Company

WordPress Web Design, Animated HTML 5 Graphics, Digital Art and Design, Branding, and Video Production.

Healthy SunLight

Health & Lifestyle


My weight has always been an issue.  My health didn’t become an issue until suddenly in 2019, after I had already dropped over 75lbs.  

I was still over weight, but I thought I was healthy.  Turns out I wasn’t.  Being over 40lbs overweight was not healthy and my issues didn’t slowly come on, they came on suddenly.  In a flash I was immediately changed, in an instant my life changed. 

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Music Production

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