xStation Installation

Please make sure the console is working before you send it to me!

PS1 xStation Installation – Fully Tested.

xStation Installation
xStation 3D printed CD Tray Insert
Console Fully Tested for healthy Operation

If you order the rePSX power supply replacement from Game-Tech, I will swap that in for no extra charge. Please ship over the external power brick with the console and upgrades kits!

Please check your PS1 is working and compatible with the xStation before ordering.

While the xStation is compatible with SCPH-100x models and SCPh-5xxx models. If you are ordering a console to be modded, look for SCPh-5xxx, as they will always work with the xStation. SCPH-700x with the “PU-8” mainboard are compatible but you must disassemble that model and verify the mainboard revision.


How To Order

  1. Add the service to your cart, selecting the options that you want. Select “Pay Later Invoice – Installation Service” at the payment screen during checkout.
  2. Once you checkout, your invoice will be submitted to me. When available, I will respond to you via email with shipping instructions.
  3. Pack your console carefully. Send only the console and the upgrades. No games or peripherals.
  4. Please include any special return shipping requests, i.e. insurance, signature on delivery, etc.
  5. Write your order # on the shipping box. I must be able to identify your property once it arrives.
  6. Do NOT send with signature confirmation. My PO Box is secure and if I have to sign for your package, there’s an additional $20 charge.
  7. Shipping an incompatible console will result in a $40 handling charge.
  8. Once the work is complete, I will adjust your invoice for the cost of return shipping and disperse tracking information to you via E-mail after the invoice has been paid.

Time Frame and Return Shipping

All consoles are subjected to a 7-10 day turnaround time.

If there’s an issue with your console or an extenuating circumstance, I will communicate  with you through the email address you provided with your order.


DO NOT drop-ship your system to me from eBay or any third party seller (example etsy, facebook marketplace, craigslist, and the like.)

Only include the required items and nothing else. Just like other installers, I offer zero guarantees on returning any items that were sent other than what is required in the product service listing above!

I make no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Including but not limited to; Warranties of merchantability, missing products, operational failure and/or damage from a product, those sent from you directly and if you ignore this disclaimer and sent to me via eBay and/or via a third party seller.

I am not liable for issues with cables, displays, video processors, and issues with the console outside of the actual service installation.  Filters and Capacitors on these old systems can be old and might need servicing.  Please make sure the console is working before you send it to me.

Please Read the “HOW TO ORDER” Section Before Ordering!

Do not SHIP any items without direct approval after your request has been reviewed.

Service requests are NOT a guarantee for service.

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